About Iceroyds!


Iceroyds! is the ultimate local multiplayer arcade competition game, for all ages.

It's 5 games in 1, as you can compete in 5 different and funny sports.

With kids friendly content, simple controls and gameplay, up to 4 players simultaneous, or up to 8 players non-simultaneous will compete for the trophy in the craziest sports ever.

Recommended for 2 or more players.

Gamepads are highly recommended.

For many many years, the Penguins have lived in peace in planet Gelia...

Until the day the Iceroyds arrived; a race originated from a devastated world.

Leaded by their King Roy, they have started a war against the Penguins, to conquer planet Gelia.

Thus their people remained at war for many many years, until the day Penguins and Iceroyds have made a pact to end once and for all their dispute.

Their fate will be decided through a big olympic competition.

The winners will be declared the owners of planet Gelia. The losers will be banished forever.

Let the games begin!!!